Why Dive Insurance Is So Important!

Why Dive Insurance Is So Important!

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Everyone Needs DiveAssure Dive Insurance

What makes DiveAssure your best choice? All programs offer primary coverage. We are dedicated exclusively to diving insurance, and together with Duke Dive Medicine, the world’s leaders in diving medicine, you are guaranteed the best coverage and services. Our plans can be tailored to your specific needs to save you money.

Insurance Plan Duration Price Coverage
DiveAssure 1 Day $49 USD Full
DiveAssure 10 Days $59 USD Full
DiveAssure 1 Year $129 USD Full

Primary Insurance

DiveAssure is the only Diving Insurance provider offering Primary insurance (as opposed to secondary insurance) which means faster payment and less hassle to you. A primary policy will, as a rule, pay to the service providers directly and without delay, disregarding any other policy that you or others may have. Having primary coverage can save you unnecessary expense and anxiety in times of distress. Additionally, filing a claim with DiveAssure on a primary basis will not, in most cases, affect your health insurance rates.

Duke Dive Medicine (DDM) at your service

DiveAssure members and partner dive businesses can call DDM 24/7 with emergencies, questions or concerns, free of charge. DDM physicians will oversee all diving related emergencies to make sure that you are treated properly even in the most remote diving destination. Click here to read more about Duke Dive Medicine.

We know diving. We know insurance

Based on over 15 years of service dedicated exclusively to diving insurance and with expertise gained through insuring hundreds of thousands of divers in the USA and all over the world, you are guaranteed the best available programs, designed specifically for divers. Should you require our help with claims or emergencies you will find that our dedication and knowledge of diving and dive-travel insurance makes a significant difference.

We let you tailor the coverage to match your individual needs

Why pay for what you don’t need? We offer a variety of insurance plans to suit your specific needs, from basic diving accident insurance or a single dive-trip insurance, to premium annual multi-trip travel insurance. Our travel plans can closely match the cost of your trip For those going on a liveaboard trip we offer our exclusive Liveaboard Rider with specific coverage to unique scenarios such as missing the boat’s departure and lost diving days due to many reasons.

Why Do I Need Diving Accident Insurance?

It is recommended that you get diving insurance, because, even though scuba diving is considered a safe activity, in the unfortunate event of a diving accident, insurance payouts can run into hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Medical treatment in some destinations, and specifically diving related medical treatment, or medical evacuation, can be very expensive. An uninsured person will need to pay out of pocket, sometimes upfront, and that could be a problem for the most of us.

Do I need dive-travel insurance?

While your diving accident policy will pay the diving related medical costs such as hyperbaric chamber treatments, you may incur many other expenses or lose some or all of your trip investment through scenarios such as non-diving medical situations, cancellation and interruption due to many reasons like inclement weather, personal or family issues, airlines delay and many other reasons. A travel insurance policy will protect you against such unforeseen scenarios.

Why Purchase Specific Coverage For Liveaboards?

The Liveaboard Rider is a unique insurance product that is offered exclusively by DiveAssure to cover scenarios specific to liveaboard trips that are not covered by any other travel insurance program on the market.When you add the Liveaboard Rider to your Deluxe or Elite plans you continue to enjoy all the benefits offered under those plans, as well as enhanced coverage ‎designed to protect you against unforeseen scenarios specific to liveaboard trips. The following exclusive benefits are included when you add the Liveaboard Rider to the Deluxe or Elite programs:

Trip Cancellations Due To:

  • Trip cancellation coverage due to a missed connection resulting in missing the liveaboard or in additional cost to join it.
  • Trip cancellation coverage for missing liveaboard departure due to airline delays.
  • Lost Diving Days Due To:

Medical inability to dive.

  • Weather conditions not enabling diving/sailing.
  • Diving accident to other passenger on boat causing the boat to abort planned diving.
  • Expenses not reimbursed by the tour operator for default /mechanical breakdown to air supply.
  • Financial Default of the liveaboard operating company, or tour operator (Covered already by the Elite Plan).

How Do I Choose The Right Travel Policy?

Different insurance policies have different terms and conditions and coverage levels, so reading the fine print of each program is essential. While price is important, the scope of coverage of policies can be dramatically different. Here are some important points you should look into when comparing dive travel insurance plans:

  • Expertise in diving related emergencies and hyperbaric medical procedures.
  • Policy limits.
  • Primary Vs. secondary coverage. Primary coverage includes admission guarantees, fast claims process and much more.
  • Direct payment to treating facility vs. reimbursement.
  • Scope of coverage.
  • Deductibles.
  • Reasons for cancellation/interruption, and coverage limits.
  • Reasons for lost activity (diving) days.
  • Loss/replacement of diving gear.

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