Protecting Thailand’s Coral Reefs

Protecting Thailand’s Coral Reefs

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Help Crystal Waves Protect Phuket’s Remaining Coral Reefs

It probably is not news to anyone that Coral Reef’s around the world are under threat. If you’ve been watching the news in Australia you’d know the worlds largest coral reef system got slammed by blisteringly hot water last year which resulted in coral bleaching, damaging by some estimates up to 50% of the Great Barrier Reef.

In Phuket our Coral Reefs might not be quite as big and extensive, but they are just as beautiful and they are actually far more accessible for simple day trip scuba diving tours. You can easily and flexibility organise some diving any day of the week here to any dive site you wish to visit, want Sharks and Turtles, head off to Phi Phi Island’s, want Manta Rays, check out Racha Noi, everything here is made easy for tourists to get to the dive sites and enjoy themselves.

Manta rays sometimes visit Phuket in Manta/High Season

Manta rays sometimes visit Phuket in Manta/High Season

But that ease of diving and the number of divers each year that get to enjoy the amazing diving in Phuket is having an unforeseen and somewhat devastating impact on our very own delicate coral reef eco-systems.

You might not know it, but your regular sunscreen and sun cream are helping kill corals, you might have recently seen the news from Hawaii or Mexico, both places where you may no longer wear chemical or synthetic sunscreen while engaging in any in water activities, including, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming or fishing.

What’s So Bad About Sun Cream?

To put things simply, there are active synthetic chemicals in nearly all sunscreens that are toxic to coral reefs. This is a huge double whammy on reefs that are already struggling to survive due to increased pressure from warming waters, over fishing and increasing boat traffic.

Here is a list of the chemicals that you should be on the look out for in your sun cream if you are swimming, diving or snorkeling anywhere near coral reefs.

  • Oxybenzone
  • Avobenzone
  • Homosalate
  • Octisalate
  • Octocrylene

Oxybenzone is by far the one you hear about the most, more and more research is appearing about the toxic effects it has on corals, and you as a scuba diver or potential scuba diver need to avoid it.

What’s The Alternative To Chemical Sun Cream?

Thankfully there are still ways to protect yourself from the blistering tropical sun when you are scuba diving or doing any in water activities here in Thailand. You could wear a hat and a long sleeve shirt, but how would you show off those guns and buns you’ve worked all winter on?

Point being there are alternative, all natural, water resistant, reef safe sun cream & sunscreens available right here in Phuket and even in our very own dive shop.

Reef Repair Sun Cream 50ml & 120ml Spf 30+ Reef Safe Moisturising Kid Safe All Natural Sunscreen

Reef Repair Reef Safe Sun Cream in 50ml & 120ml SPF 30+, Moisturising, Kid Safe, All Natural Sunscreens

If you want to know more about why you should be switching to all natural sunscreen you can actually find out much more detailed information by reading the links we will list at the end of this article.

Will Dive Shops Take Your Sunscreen Off You?

In Mexico, in Hawaii, in the Maldives you can be assured that yes, if they see you slapping on chemical sun based sun creams while on the dive boats or liveaboards you’ll simply be asked to hand it over and into the bin it will go.

The places we just listed depend almost entirely on tourism and tourism to their coral reefs and islands. They are not messing around anymore, the evidence of coral reef destruction from toxic cosmetics is hard to deny and in Hawaii soon they are banning the sale of chemical sun creams, that’s how serious the world is getting about Coral Reef protection.

Healthy Coral Vs Bleached Coral - Effects Of Suncream With Oxybenzone

Healthy Coral Vs Bleached Coral – Effects Of Suncream With Oxybenzone

Here in Phuket, we probably won’t throw your sun creams away or make it illegal for you to use them, but we would ask you nicely to not use chemical sunscreens that will damage our reefs and destroy an important part of the industry we work in when diving with us.

That is why Crystal Waves and many other tourist centric businesses here in Phuket are getting on board with reef friendly sun creams and even reef safe soaps.

Everything we do has an impact, even what we put on our skin before a dive!

Educate Yourself & Help Protect Coral Reefs

Informed scuba divers save money, informed scuba divers don’t damage coral, good buoyancy control is one thing but informed skin care choices have turned out to be just as important for the conservation of our beautiful and vibrant reefs.

Help protect coral reefs and other delicate marine ecosystems by switching up your sunscreens to all natural versions that do not contain toxic synthetic chemicals that damage corals!

Also don’t forget to send us a message when you are in Phuket if you want to do some scuba diving to see our amazing coral reefs. Crystal Waves Phuket is Rawaii’s best equipped and happiest dive shop, you won’t regret booking your diving with us.

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