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What is a PADI Specialty Diver?

A PADI Specialty Diver, is a diver who has completed one or more of the  31 PADI authored specialty courses, or one of many distinctive specialty course available! Distinctive specialty’s are courses that are designed to teach divers about something that may be very unique to a dive location.

What do I learn in a PADI Specialty Diver?

Like all PADI courses, there is some knowledge development and in water training. There are  also a few Specialty’s that are only classroom based! A couple of the Specialty’s are also supported by video’s as well as the knowledge reviews. The knowledge development is specific to the type of Specialty undertaken. The number of dives for each specialty vary also, reason being, some specialty’s have more practical skills/task to learn and master.

What PADI Specialty’s should I do?

What are you interested in? Which one sound the most fun? What type of environment do you usually do most of your diving? What destinations do you travel to, to dive? Do you like to explore? So many questions, what to do. Don’t worry our Dive Staff are more than happy to help you out with your choice’s.

What PADI Specialty’s are the most popular?

PADI Enriched Air Diver
Stay down longer and get back in the water sooner. Learn how to dive using Enriched Air Nitrox, PADI’s most popular specialty course.

PADI Deep Diver
Explore the wonders of the deep. Learn techniques for diving in the deeper ranges of 18-40 metres

PADI Wreck Diver
Learn how to explore mysterious sunken shipwrecks, planes and even               automobiles.

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver
Neutral buoyancy is the key to conserving your air  consumption and leaving minimal impact on the aquatic environment. Learn how to achieve
neutral buoyancy with ease.

PADI Night Diver
Learn about night dive planning, equipment and navigation. Plus, see a
whole new cast of critters that comes out at night.

Sidemount Diver Hot course!
Because you are able to move the cylinder from your back to your side, it instantly takes the pressure off of your back and gives you more flexibility to move and enjoy your dive.

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