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Crystal Combo’s

When One PADI course is not enough!

Whether your a non-diver looking to get started in diving, an experienced diver looking to expand your diving skills and knowledge or perhaps thinking about becoming a professional within the dive industry we have a PADI crystal course combo for you.

Along with the great PADI course combo prices, each combo set has some great “free” give aways! If you don’t see a combo that suits you………let us know, and we’ll design one that suits your needs!

Getting Started!

PADI Open water/Advanced Open water courses

All divers have to start somewhere, the PADI Open Water course is the most popular entry level diving course in the world. In this course, we teach you how to dive safely, with a buddy to the depth of 18 metres! Combine that with the next step the PADI Advanced Open Water course, In this course, you will extend your dive knowledge, diving skills and it will allow you to explore many more dive sites by allowing you to then dive to a depth of 30 metres.

Combined the two courses will allow you to complete 9 Open water dives, under the direct supervision of one of our experienced PADI Instructors.

combo 1 price




FACTPADI Open Water divers, who complete the PADI Advanced course directly after the PADI Open water course are more confident, skilled and enthusiastic divers!!

Course Combo price includes electronic manuals, diver certifications, rental equipment, boat fees………………..and no hidden costs!

Expanding Skills and Knowledge

For some divers, being a PADI Advanced diver is enough, for many other divers they want to keep extending their dive skills and knowledge, these divers may even be thinking of going pro at some stage. We have put together several PADI Crystal combo’s to help you reach your goals!


PADI Rescue Diver/Emergency First Response/Emergency Oxygen Provider

“Serious fun” best describe the PADI Rescue Diver course. Divers who take on this challenging but rewarding course are now starting to think outward. Not only will you improve your own self rescue skills, but more importantly you will learn different technic’s to safely assist and rescue other divers who find themselves in trouble. As part of the requirements to be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver, you also need to have a current primary/secondary first aid certificate, the Emergency First Response (EFR) course fulfills this requirement and as oxygen use is part of the Rescue Diver course and a optional skill in EFR we have added the Emergency Oxygen Provider course to this combo. NOTE – In many countries, if you are not certified to use and provide O2 to those in need, you can not assist those in need!

combo 2 price



FACT – PADI Rescue Divers are more observant!

Course Combo price includes manuals, diver certifications, rental equipment………………..and no hidden costs!


PADI Rescue Diver/Emergency First Response/Emergency Oxygen Provider/Master Scuba Diver

So you are ready to expand your dive skills and knowledge, not sure if you would like to, or want to follow the “Go Pro” path. The PADI Master Scuba Diver is for you! The highest certification level a recreational diver to obtain. To gain this rating, you must have completed an entry level diver course, Advanced Open Water course, Rescue Diver/Primary & Secondary first aid courses and 5 PADI Specialty Diver courses. There is no better way to increase your diving skills and knowledge than to continue to challenge yourself. As always, the added skills and knowledge gained from continuing your diver education will open up more new and interesting dive locations to explore.

combo 3 price



FACT – PADI Master Scuba Divers are the Black Belts of recreational divers!

Course Combo price includes manuals, diver certifications, rental equipment, boat fees………………..and no hidden costs!


PADI Rescue Diver/Emergency First Response/Emergency Oxygen Provider/Dive Master

Some divers say the PADI Rescue course is the first professional level, technically it is not……..although the PADI Rescue Diver course does give you the skills required to take charge of a situation! The PADI Dive Master program will help you develop role model “demonstration quality” diving skills, prepare you to become a dive supervisor, dive  training assisstant, training coordanator. The course will also introduce you to Instructor level dive theory, perparing you for PADI Instructor level training.

combo 4 price



Fact – PADI Dive Masters are leaders!

Course Combo price includes manuals, PADI Divemaster crew pak, diver level certifications, rental equipment, boat fees………………..and no hidden costs!


So your ready to “GO PRO”, this is a very exciting time for you! Here at Crystal Waves Thailand, we pride ourselfs on producing very high quaility dive industry leaders. During your training you will gain invaluable dive expereince in all aspects of diving. Our teaching approach and additional course content, will put you head and shoulders above others already you. Your training here at Crystal Waves Thailand will not only have you passing, but surpassing all course requirments. Go Pro at Crystal Waves Thailand, you’ll be glad you did!


PADI Dive Master/Instructor/EFRI/O2 Instructor

combo 5 price



Your PADI Dive master program can be structured to suit your time and learning style. You tell us what sort of time frame you would like to complete the program, and we will shedule it to suit.

As you will be going onto your PADI Instructor course following the PADI Divemaster program, we will also intergrate the Instructor theory (for FREE) into your Dive Master course.





The PADI Instructor program is conducted over a 10 – 12 day period, we have some extra time during the program if we need it, to help you hone your teaching presentation skills. With our on site training pool, we are able to spend plenty of time in the pool conducting teaching work shops. We don’t just throw you in the deep end and hope you can do it, we spend time going though the more diffecult to teach skills and show you the best way to teach them! Our Open water training site is less than 5 minutes away, so during the program we make the best use it. Again lots of time for presentations and in water work shops!



go pro crewpacks (1)


Emergency First Response Instructor is a requirement of becoming a PADI Instructor. This program and Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor will be conduct during the 10 – 12 day IDC, gives everyone a little break from the teaching presentations.

At the end of the IDC program, to become a PADI Instructor you will need to attend a PADI IE. The IE (Instructor Exam) is conducted over a two day period by PADI staff. These guys are not there to fail you, they just want to make sure you can do what you are meant to be able to do “Teach Diving”, most of our candidates say that this was the best part of the entire program!!


FACT – PADI Instructors are really cool people and get to travel………..alot!


Course Combo price includes PADI Divemaster crew pak, IDC crew pak, EFRI manual………………..and no hidden costs!

PADI Instructor/EFRI/MSDT prep

combo 6 price

OK, so your already a PADI Dive Master and your ready to take the next step! When you start your IDC with us here at Crystal Waves Thailand, we will spend some time in the pool with you. Help you refresh your dive skill demonstrations as well as going over the Instructor dive theory. We understand, it may have been a fair period of time since you completed your PADI Divemaster course, and the first thing to go is the slow, clear demonstration of skills. A few hours in the pool we will have you back to where you belong!




Our 10 – 12 day IDC is conducted in a relaxed, low-stress environment. We encourage group discussion and question asking, if you dont know ask! Who knows, you may even have some fun along the way. Remember IDC stands for Instructor development course, a big enforces on the development. Here at Crystal Waves Thailand, we dont expect you to get it all correct right from the start. If we are not making mistakes, we are not learning!


go pro crewpacks (1)



Once the IDC and IE are complete, you can then move on to completing your MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) prep. By completing your MSDT prep, you will not only be able to teach all of the PADI core courses, you will also be able to teach the 5 PADI Specialties you have completed the training for. Then once you have certified 25 students in any PADI courses, you can then apply for your MSDT rating. Pretty cool stuff really!



FACT – PADI Instructors who can teach PADI Specialties have a lot more friends!

Course Combo price includes IDC crew pak, EFRI manual and boat fees………………..and no hidden costs!

Crystal Combo’s do include all required training materials, Diver, Divemaster and Instructor levels and Diver level PADI certifications. Boat fees and gear rental for combo’s where stated. Combo prices do not include PADI applications for Divemaster or Instructor levels or IE fees!